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Ever Have That Not-So-Fresh Feeling?

I was attending some summer college classes when I had the runs... really bad! I had my period at the time also. I just walked right out of the classroom. I just couldn't hold it in any longer. My crush happened to be in a room near the bathrooms. I thought "I don't care, I'm still gonna let it out!"

I sat there on the toilet for what seemed like 45 minutes and the bathroom really stunk, let me tell you! It was a mixture of skunk, cow doo, and garbage, plus it was liquidy and burned my butt every time I pooed. It hurt and I started crying.

Next thing I knew, some lady came in and asked if I was okay. "Not really," I said. Then she told me that she couldn't breathe, so she left. About five minutes later, when I thought I was finished, which I wasn't, I wiped and left the bathroom.

There was my crush getting a drink of water, right by the bathroom entrance. You could see the effect of the smell on his face. Suddenly I had to poo again... my stomach growled loud. I grabbed my belly and went back in.

Later, when I came out, he was still sitting there in the lobby area near the bathroom. He said: "Wow, is that a new air-freshener scent? What is it? Let me guess... flowing diarrhea?" I was so pissed off, I just wanted to grab it all and shove it in his mouth!

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