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funny video clips

Awkward & Embarrassing:
Dumb Blonde
Gingers Have Souls
Dorky Spanish Guy Dancing
Worst Music Video Ever
Best Music Video Ever
Shitty Job: Elephant Poop Catcher
Female Reporter Has Diarrhea
News Anchor Fails
People Fainting
Angry People Freaking Out
Gospel Singing Kid Won't Quit
Star Wars Kid
Butt On Fire Prank
Getting Scared Awake
Awkward Physical Contact
Wisdom Tooth Extraction
Shadow Girl
Headless Girl
Girl Swallows 3 Foot Balloon
Real Life Ninja
Amazing Water Trick
Sand Art: You Have A Friend
Incredible Electronic Waterfall
Quantum Levitation
Amazing Card Trick
Awesome Parallel Parking
Smoking Baby
Pumped Up Kicks Dubstep Dancing
Top 5 Most Unbelievable Skills
Soap Bubbles
World's Biggest Fireworks
Cute & Funny Animals:
Cat Speaking In Tongues
Search and Rescue
Skateboarding Dog
Otters holding Hands
Hamster On A Piano
Farting Hippo
Pooping Shark
Dogs Love Gum
Call an Exorcist!

Stupid People:
Stupid Polish People
Extreme Idiots - Part 1
Extreme Idiots - Part 2
Dildo Duel
Fuck This Shit Song
Flash Cartoons:
Getting Rid of Jehova's Witnesses
The Date
Chili Dance
Christmas Blonde
Dogs Are Sick
Driving School
Insane Asylum
Hospital Humor
Ori The Eskimo
The Poo-Poo Dance
Pigs In Space
Santa Claus
Fun With Turtles

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