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Celebrity Look-Alikes

Gordon Freeman looks like Dr. House

Ancient statue looks like Michael Jackson

The Pope looks like Darth Sidious

Bradley Cooper looks like Ralph Fiennes

Ozzy Osbourne looks like Penny Marshall

Young Albert Einstein looks like Shia Labeouf

Chris Griffin from Family Guy looks like Timothy Spall from Rockstar

This happy dog looks like Kevin Malone from The Office

Larry King looks like Professor Farnsworth from Futurama

Orson Welles looks like this angry puppy

This wiener dog looks like Snoop Dogg

The Burger King looks like Mel Gibson

Tim Burton's Mad Hatter looks like Madonna

George Takei looks like this cat

Whoopi Goldberg looks like Lil Wayne

Zac Efron looks like a chihuahua with a toupee

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